you asked. We listened.

and our huge new dedicated frozen facility is now ready.

Everyday Low Prices

We can now offer you some of the keenest pricing terms, every day of the year! We can’t wait to share our frozen food packages with you.

Monthly Promotions

Again, we have listened, EDLP is important to you, but aggressive and relevant promotions will also form part of our monthly offer. Look out for deals coming soon.

Split cases & Single units

Flexibility when ordering is vital, particularly when you have limited freezer space. Now you have the choice to take away the restrictions of buying full cases of frozen. Order in smaller quantities and offer your customers a wider range of frozen.

Minimum Drop £50

Not only can you buy split cases, but we can also offer a minimum order value of £50 which covers both your Chilled & Frozen purchases. It’s that easy.

for great deals LIKE THESE on OUR EXTENSIVE FROZEN RANGE, talk to our sales team today.