Sustainability is everyone's future

here's what we're doing to play our part

Our vision of a sustainable future

We know that we need to look after our planet so that Scotland can thrive. 

Here at Fife Creamery sustainability means that, working in partnership with others, we are committed to protecting and improving our environment, creating fair and safe workplaces, and delivering benefits across our local community.

Our commitment to protecting and improving our environment

We are committed to understanding and tackling our environmental impact and want to work in partnership with others to create a sustainable supply chain.

We are prepared to make the investments and changes needed so that we can play our part in reducing carbon emissions and waste.  

We believe that together we can create a Sustainable Scotland.

Our commitment to creating a fair and safe workplace

We know the importance of ethical trading and our responsibility for labour and human rights practices in the workplace and its supply chain.

We are committed to anti-slavery working practices and the creation of fair and safe workplaces.

We will work in partnership with our employees and supply chain to uphold these standards.

Our commitment to delivering benefits to our communities

We believe that we must invest in and support our local communities so that our business growth brings benefits to all.  

We will deliver these benefits by supporting local sustainability initiatives and by using local companies and people to help us expand.

We intend to use our training centre to provide facilities that will be used to upskill our workforce.

Take a look at our policies

Our policies are created and endorsed by senior management and show our commitment to sustainable business practices. Click or tap below to view and/or download each as a PDF.